Business Partnership

Rapunzel is a platform that enables selected beauty ambassadors to have the opportunity to develop their own business using their expertise and talents. The Rapunzel application, which brings beauticians together with users, allows users to purchase the transactions they need and receive services from beauticians.


We set out to make women's lives easier while equipping them with wellness and beauty. To this end, we aimed to enable the selection of requested services with the Rapunzel application and make appointments by selecting the appropriate hours through the application.


We ensured that the mobile application and backend were developed together by following the SCRUM development process. We have implemented a comprehensive range of technological solutions such as Swift, Kotlin, Node.js, Symfony, Angular.js, Golang, AWS, Lambda, Cloudformation, S3, Cloudfront, ECS, Docker, as well as virtual pos and master card integration.


We succeeded in changing, beautifying, and facilitating women's lives with the mobile application we developed. In the 4th month we started working, we commissioned the application, conducted a field test, collected user comments, and made it operational in the 7th month. Thanks to the Masterpass integration, we prevented users from wasting time on payment steps and enabled them to focus on services.